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Nor Mira Canales - Designer

information - digital - motion

I am a highly motivated and passionate individual with a strong skill set and huge enthusiasm for my work. I thrive visualising complex data systems. I'm very passionate about grid systems and typography. I'm a UX and UI enthusiast and I also love the power of keyframes. I'm dedicated and I exhibit a can do attitude with a smile. I enjoy smashing deadlines on time, on budget and to high standards. I always give everything for every project small or massive.

My career has developed in a different range of fields, from a video production and post production background to digital design, giving me the possibility to assemble a solid and coherent skill set.

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showcase of my latest works

  • Lead Designer for the last 18 months.
  • Branding + Web design and development
  • Front end development
  • Branding + Web design and development
  • Web redesign + Marketing collaterals
  • Marketing collateral
  • Marketing collateral
  • Marketing collateral
  • Poster design + EPK + Proposal design
  • Brand development + Motion graphics
  • Logo design
  • Logo design
  • Web design and development inSpiral Vsisionary Products
  • Brand development
  • Brand + Cover + Web design and development
  • Brand + Web design and development
  • Web design and development
  • 3D Visualisation
  • Giant dress mapping installation
  • Full page magazine ad artwork


Video Editing + Motion Graphics

AV set with musician Broken Note

We’ve isolated the frequencies in all the elements of one of his tracks and whenever that frequency is hit, the audio set in Ableton Live with Max for Life plugins, sends the data via OSC reaching Resolume and triggering clips and effects in my visuals set. The result is a unison piece, completely synchronised. Every element in the sound has an equivalent in the video. We’re extending the set to 60 mins. Here are the first 3 :) All the material is original with assets created following the above process and with some footage of London scenic route: gas towers, overground from Caledonian Road to Camden Road, Hackney Marshes and a bunch of other corners.

Technical Skills

I can say i’m quite good at


the bible




another level

Adobe XD

light yet powerful

After Effects



flexibility, versatility & style


know your users


themes, plugins, cms


a whole new world


server response unit

Video Editing

how it all started for me

Cinema 4D

and extra dimension

Post Production

natural evolution

Live Visuals

a lifetime passion

Project Management

get productive

Work Experience

My previous interactions

Nov 2015

This is Productivity

Lead Designer

I embarked on an amazing adventure as lead designer for This is Productivity. A global tech startup. Information, digital and motion design

Dec 2014
Nov 2016

Nordesigns London

Freelance Designer

I went solo and founded nordeisgns.london. More happy clients. This project is still ongoing.

June, 2014
Jan 2016

inSpiral Visionary Products

Web designer and developer

Extensive and complex wordpress and woocommerce site. Online shop, events and restaurant, all under the same brand.

Oct 2010
Dec 2014

Old Street Studios

Creative Director / Designer

I co-founded Old Street Studios alongside Jerry Kendiah. We worked together with many happy clients including: The Round House, Venetian Snares, Ableton, Oxjam, Dread Recordings and many more

Nov, 2007
Oct, 2010

Doubletake Studios

Head of Graphic and Web Design

Nationwide makeover photography studios. Main duties included design and delivery of all the marketing material for the five studio branches, designing and maintaining all the company’s websites, looking after SEO and social media. Corporate videos and signage.

Nov, 2006
Oct, 2007

Attica Shanghai

Head of Graphic and Web Design

Nightclub and restaurant in Shanghai, China. Design and delivery of all the marketing material for the company. Web design, development and maintenance. Promotional videos. Social media and SEO.

June, 2005
Oct, 2006

Raffles Design Institute Shanghai

Lecturer in Photoshop and 2D Flash animation.

Part of the institute multimedia team, teaching Photoshop, animation principles and 2D flash animation to the multimedia degree first year students.

July, 2004
June, 2005

Zindara Productions Barcelona

Post Production Manager

Managing the post production department of this advertising production company in Barcelona. Main duties included editing commercials, liaising with directors and clients, maintaining the director’s reels up to date, look after the company’s roster of directors, web designing and maintenance.


VJ / Visual Artist

Alter Ego of HYP3RVJ

Multiple projects, gigs and events including Video Mapping installations, VJing, theatre, music videos, 3D and interactive projects. Always researching and experimenting with new techniques and trends.

Education & Diplomas

What I have done in my academic career

Jun, 2004

Design, Communication and Digital Audiovisual Production

University Lasalle Ramón Llul, Barcelona. Spain

Theoretical and practical training to successfully create digital audiovisual products by following the phases of pre-production (language and audiovisual narration, the script, economic and time breakdowns), production (production techniques, photography) and post-production (sound and image editing, digital effects, multimedia technology) and finally how this products is distributed through different audiovisual channels.

Sept, 2000

Degree in Sociology, Advertising & PR

University of Alicante, Spain

Training in the areas of design and creation of communicative strategies, and development of communication policies. Grounding in the communication possibilities and characteristics of all advertising media and formats, in order to design communication messages and campaigns.

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